Ken Yeager
Warranty / Quality Assurance

I started building new homes almost 20 years ago. I got into building after becoming an on site realtor for two semi-custom builders. During the working day I would walk the jobs under construction and talk to the sub-contractors about what they were doing and how the process was done of building a home. I wanted to learn what I could in order to be able to provide an educated guidance to my clients in their customization process and also be able to satisfy their questions about the building process. I learned enough during this time that when the partnership dissolved I was able to sign on with a state wide builder, Adams Homes, as a superintendent. I was then fully engaged in the production home business and dropped the realtor aspect. I went on to work for other production builders until I arrived at SEDA New Homes where I did construction of homes on owner land. The “care and feeding” of curious, anxious and demanding land owners became a more finely honed skill in this environment and I fully enjoyed it. As I look back on a varied work history, that has included being a Russian Linguist in the Navy, a criminal investigator fora State’s Attorney’s office, an office automation consultant for Members for the Committee on House Administration at the U.S. House of Representatives, a data processing manager for a private business and data processing recruiter, I can say without question that building homes has been the most soul satisfying professional endeavor of my life. At the end of the work day there is a tangible object that is produced and at the end of the total effort of all parties there is a place for a family to begin their new life or for seniors to enjoy the rewards of a well spent life.