What Interior Designers Are Cooking Up in Today’s Florida Kitchens

Anyone who’s ever purchased a new home or remodeled an older one knows that the most important room in the house (value-wise) is the kitchen. As a Florida homebuilder, MasterCraft Builder Group knows all about award-winning kitchen designs, what’s hot in new homes in St. Augustine, what’s passé and what’s here to stay. We’d like to share what our chief in-house interior designer is seeing and recommending in new kitchen designs with a focus on color palettes, space, pairings and overall aesthetics.

Kitchen Design Trends Here – and Everywhere

From Miami to Jacksonville, homes and kitchen design trends can be as different as Midwest and Northeast styles. But there are certain things that we’re seeing that can work almost anywhere, when considering new kitchen design.

  • Bring in more color. While white-on-white may still be quite posh in Miami, we are now seeing the use of bold and striking colors. For instance, kitchen cabinets don’t have to be monotone. Many new kitchen designs pair white, beige or gray top cabinets with strikingly bold bottom cabinets. A white cabinet with a deep blue contrast can also make a statement. A kitchen island can be become more of a focal point through color.
  • Make a splash with mosaic tiles. Over the past several years, new tile styles have emerged in the kitchen. Glass “subway” tiles are getting bigger and bolder; interesting geometrics have replaced squares and diamonds, making underplayed backsplashes the stars of new kitchen designs. New metallic finishes are in, as are mixing these with other tile finishes (if you’re really bold!).
  • Take a shine to mat finishes. Talk about contrast, while colors are in, shiny finishes on appliances and hardware are out. Mat finishes have certainly stood the test of time, and that rings true now.
  • Try a new look with vintage. The lead interior designer of this Florida homebuilder supports trying new colors, materials and geometrics, recommending the introduction – or reintroduction – of heavier, vintage-look lighting fixtures.
  • You wood if you could. Yes, new homes in St Augustine, St Johns and around the country are not overlooking this old standard. In fact, real or wood-look works great in many of its design style, and, of course, fits right in with MasterCraft’s Florida Farmhouse elevation.
  • Connect more to your island. The idea is that new kitchen designs put new emphasis on islands, not only incorporating sinks, but also making use of their functional value, e.g., storage and display.

Design a Visit to MasterCraft Community

With deep roots in Northeast Florida, MasterCraft Builder Group builds Florida communities that accommodate all kinds of budgets and lifestyles. When you’re ready to discuss how to build kitchen design trends into your new home, call us to schedule a visit.