A Higher Calling: MasterCraft Builds New Homes for Homeless Children

Call it fate. Sometimes things are just meant to be. Such was the case when MasterCraft Builder Group’s Founder, Chris Shee, and Seamark Ranch’s Chairman Ryan Schmitt met at a University of North Florida Board of Directors meeting. Ryan was wearing a Seamark Ranch bracelet. Chris asked about the bracelet, and Ryan told him about the organization’s noble mission as “a nurturing Christian home and family system that gives children from families in crisis the tools they need for a brighter future.” Chris was touched and the relationship between MasterCraft and Seamark began.

Seamark Ranch Provides a Safe Haven, Unconditional Love and Hope for the Future.

After two years of love, care and counseling, 11 year-old Tyler was ready for reunification with his father and his family.
14 year-old Katherine, after overcoming a failed adoption and past hurts, was adopted by a loving Seamark family.
Corey graduated from high school and is living independently, working two part-time jobs and attending college.

Keith and April Denton founded Seamark Ranch, a nonprofit that occupies a magnificent 468-acre campus in northeast Florida, in 2001. Keith himself was a foster child who prospered in an Alabama children’s home that gave him a solid foundation of faith and achievement. Seamark Ranch is witness to the Denton’s calling.

Today, Seamark Ranch, which has been home to more than a hundred children, offers two homes, an on-campus K-12 school and extensive services for children who have been given up, abandoned or abused.  As Fred Meiners, Seamark Ranch’s Executive Director, remarks, “When a kid comes to Seamark Ranch its very likely the worst day of their life, because they’re losing their family, friends, school, pets, everything to come here. They’re in a very difficult spot.” Some of these children stay for months, others for years.

Turning that devastating first day into a positive experience takes many people and boundless resources. With 95% private contributions from individuals, businesses, civic organizations and the church, Seamark Ranch houses, educates and counsels these children. Services include:

  • Education programs
  • Counseling
  • Equestrian program
  • Wholesome experience working on a farm

All of these programs encourage responsibility, accountability, self-sufficiency, teamwork, healthy living, respect for others and of course, the value of family and community.

Building Homes. Restoring Faith.

What began as a chance meeting of two executives has blossomed into a strong business and personal relationship. As part of its commitment to deliver Higher Standards to new homeowners and the local community, MasterCraft has given Seamark Ranch its full support and technical expertise in the design, permitting and construction of two homes. A boys’ home and a girls’ home will provide a wonderful environment for six boys and six girls, doubling the current opportunity to give kids the lives they deserve.

How You Can Help the Boys and Girls of Seamark Ranch

All the great things that happen at Seamark Ranch happen because of the generosity of people, businesses, and charitable and religious organizations. The first thing to do is to learn more about Seamark Ranch by visiting their website, or calling 904.529.1951. You can make a donation right on the site, if you like. On behalf of the children, thank you.

“It’s a big family, and people want get involved to help support it. We need them to get involved and help the community.”
— Fred Meiners, Executive Director, Seamark Ranch