The Next Generation of Homes Is Multigenerational.

Looks like the trend is moving from the “me” generation to the “us” generation. Kids are moving back in with their parents and parents are moving back in with their children. Is it all about need or is it a tightening of the family unit. We’ll take a look at this interesting trend and how MasterCraft Builder Group is getting ahead of the curve right here in Northeast Florida.

Understanding the Trend: What’s Old Is New Again.

So what’s really behind the trend in multigenerational living? One thought is that many aging baby boomers, who are facing the prospect of independent or assisted living, are moving in with their children. This idea can be a real challenge for everyone and its success depends on love, commitment and even some ground rules. (It could be tough when Junior wants to party while grandma and grandpa are ready for bedtime!) Another factor is the job market and the economics of affording one’s own home. And, of course, there are also cultures that have supported extended family living, well, for generations. Certainly, the increasing diversity of the American people supports this growing trend.

“MasterFact: Since 1980 there has been a trend to a multigenerational lifestyle. ”
– Pew Research

According to Pew Research, this is not totally unanticipated. Their study shows an increasing trend in multigenerational homes since 1980! In fact, there was a dramatic increase from 2009, when 17% of American homes were multinational, to 2016 when 20% of American homes followed the trend. Interestingly enough, what we’re seeing is a throwback to America of the 19th century”

MasterCraft Builds for the Extended Family

MasterCraft Builder Group has always been about family and community. We’re putting our money where our mouth is by being one of the few builders in Northeast Florida to offer a selection of new home designs that support the trend towards multigenerational.

Part of the challenge of multi-generational home design is to provide enough privacy and separation to create a feeling of separate and distinct living areas. As a semi-custom homebuilder, MasterCraft is showcasing our Osprey, Spoonbill and Egret models which offer the flexibility to accommodate an extended family – from infants to 90 year-olds. These models offer multiple “flex spaces,” — bonus rooms, secondary living rooms,  several master suites, and “Multi-Generational suites”. The Multi-Generational suites include private entries, private garage, bedroom and on-suite bathroom, with kitchenettes in the suite living area, but still allow access to the main house to congregate with the family.

Of course, we can build it, but it’s up to each family to make this situation work for everyone!

Come Visit Us…and Bring the Whole Family!

We’d love you to stop by one of our communities to look at some floor plans and learn how wonderful (extended) family life can be (we’re building a multi-generational Move-In-Ready home in our Shearwater neighborhood!)! Call us at 904-278-5009 or contact Jen Pledger to schedule a personal tour.