Discovery Process – Meet with your Community New Home Consultant. They will help you to select the floor plan that best suits your needs. From there, they will work with you to customize the home reviewing flex, plumbing and electrical options.

Contract Execution- Some options must be selected by time of contract execution

Mortgage Application – Apply for mortgage pre-approval within 5 days of your contract execution.

Plan Review Meeting – Your plans will be drawn according to the customization and options you chose during contract execution. You and your New Home Consultant will review your plans to confirm that all changes have been made.

Design Center Appointment – You will meet with our Design Center Team to make your interior color selections, as well as with our Audio/Visual Team to discuss your security and low – voltage options. Depending upon your needs, we can also schedule you to meet a specialist for appliance, lighting, and pool options.

Pre-Construction Meeting – After all selections have been made and the permit has been received, you will attend the Pre-Construction meeting. We will do a final review of all of your plans and options with your builder, as well as setting time lines and expectations of what is to come in the building process.

Form Boards and Underground Plumbing – First, form boards will be put up and the underground plumbing will be completed.

Foundation – Once the underground plumbing is in place, we will get the necessary inspection and pour your concrete foundation.

Truss and lumber – The truss and lumber package will be delivered to the site and the framers will start installing almost immediately.

Framing – Our framers will begin to frame your home per the plan specifications. We use 2”x6” exterior framing and the “zip system” sheathing and tape to provide a sound and moisture resistant home.

Roof – The roofers will lay synthetic roof underlayment and 50 year architectural shingles for superior protection.

Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing – Our trades will install the in-wall systems that help to make your home comfortable and convenient.

Pre-Drywall Orientation – This meeting is done just prior to the drywall installation. We will walk through the home with you to ensure that everything is where it is supposed to be per your plans and specifications. This gives you the chance to see our superior construction first hand and ask your Builder any questions you may have.

Insulation – Installed in exterior walls and blown in the attic.

Drywall and Trim – Drywall will be installed. Trim work, including base boards , door casings, and moldings will be completed at this time.

Tile – Wall and floor tile will now be installed. We discourage you from touring the home during tile installation due to safety hazards.

Cabinets/flooring/countertops – The cabinetry, flooring and countertops will be installed per the style/specifications you chose during your design center meeting.

Landscaping – The yard will be fully irrigated, landscaped and sodded with St. Augustine grass. We will run the sprinkler system as often as possible until closing to make sure the sod takes root and survives.

Punch List – At this stage your home is almost complete. We will address remaining finish items to ensure that your home is move-in ready.

Homeowner Orientation – One week prior to closing, we will meet at your new home and walk through with our Builder. This meeting is intended to “introduce” you to your new home, and review items like how to locate water shut offs, how to operate systems, etc. Any remaining imperfections will be addressed and noted as well.

Final Walk Through – Our final walk through and meeting will be one hour before the closing is scheduled to take place. This meeting is intended to verify that all items notated at the orientation have been addressed and that home is ready for closing.

Closing – At closing you will be accompanied by one of our managing. You will sign the final paperwork and receive the keys to your dream home!!

30 Day Warranty Walkthrough – Our Warranty Team will contact you to set up a visit 30 days after closing. If you have found any items that need attention since closing, make a list and we will review them at this time.

11 Month Warranty Walkthrough – Our warranty team will contact you again 11 months after closing to verify that your home has met the higher standards that we promised.


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