More than Meets the Eye: Redefining Affordable Luxury

How do you define luxury in a home? Price? Comfort? Style? Craftsmanship? Traditionally, luxury homes have been defined by price points well beyond the reach of most homebuyers. They have also been defined by a look and feel that goes beyond the expected. These homes have been the domain of luxury home builders who deliver custom homes with an array of upgrades – until now.

What You See Isn’t Always What You Get

MasterCraft Builder Group is a new breed of builder whose mission is to provide luxury at affordable prices. That doesn’t mean making every standard home “look” like a luxury home. That would be like selling a gold-plated bangle as a 24-carat piece of wearable art or covering a minivan engine with a racing car body.

Our commitment is to a deliver honest luxury by turning the standard into a higher standard. Some of these luxuries are obvious, and some are less obvious, but all come standard in every home we build. You can see it, feel it and rest assured that true luxury is built on quality.

Meet the the New Face of Affordable Luxury

So what does MasterCraft mean by “higher standards” and how does that translate into luxury? Here are a few examples:

Craftsmanship: As we said earlier, you can always make some thing look luxurious, but luxury comes from within. We begin with the best materials from the best brands. No cutting corners. We frame with 2” x 6” lumber, rather than the traditional 2” x 4”s, for stronger walls and so we can add more insulation for better soundproofing and energy efficiency. You’ll see our craftsmanship on display as we use elegant, durable granite in all kitchen and bath counters – a true sign of luxury.

Unexpected spaces: One of the hallmarks of luxury home builders is the unexpected. We share that distinction by providing unique “family foyers” adjacent to entryways. These foyers – and other spaces – are designed for the way people live. They offer a place to leave a backpack, a purse or the day’s mail. They also are also equipped with USB charger stations, so you always know where that phone or mobile device is when you need it. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised by the luxurious size of our bedrooms and the premium appliances you’ll find in every kitchen of every home.

Choice: Far from the cookie cutter approach of many tract home builders, MasterCraft homes are all about choice. Because you can choose from so many home designs, your home will feel unique. And if you need to deviate from one of many floor plans, no problem. And, from windows and doors to your choice of finishing touches and color combination, your home will have the luxurious feel you might not have expected from a semi-custom home builder.

Service: Luxury home builders are known for service. MasterCraft service is truly de luxe. You’ll be matched with a New Home Consultant who will guide you through the process, providing concierge-style service, answering every question and addressing every concern you may have, from contract to closing.

Define Your Own Luxury with a MasterCraft Home

With deep roots in North Florida, MasterCraft Builder Group builds Florida communities that accommodate all kinds of budgets and lifestyles. When you’re ready to see what affordable luxury is all about, call us at 904-274-2773.