Senior New Home Consultant

Amy Lingenfelser, a New Home Consultant at MasterCraft Builder Group, is passionate about her career in real estate. Watching her mother’s enjoyment of the profession from a young age, she knew she wanted the same rewarding feeling from the career she chose.

Amy started off as wedding/event planner, but later transitioned to real estate in 2012. She felt it was a fitting change because she found meaning and happiness in guiding people through some of the most important decisions of their lives. In that way and many others, Amy related to MasterCraft’s effort to provide superior quality homes, while prioritizing their customer service with the most reputable and conscientious team members.

Amy’s advice for new homebuyers: “Do your due diligence and stay authentic to yourself. Too often people want to sway others about this decision, but it really needs to be the best fit for yourself and your family.”

When Amy is not guiding people through the home buying process, she spends quality time with her two teenage children and taking advantage of North Florida’s outdoor activities like kayaking and fishing.