Don’t Worry. Be Happy: Your Florida Home is Built to Last

When you see what’s going on in other parts of the country – floods, unending snowstorms, bitter cold, devastating fires – Florida looks pretty good. After all, our peninsula “Sunshine State” boasts a great climate, magnificent ocean beaches and virtually no pollution. But new home builders in Florida face their own set of challenges, because of the salty air, heat and humidity.

No Florida home builder is more familiar with these challenges than MasterCraft Builder Group. Our experience in North Florida benefits homeowners who value higher standard materials, techniques and floor plans used in our homes will ensure your home is safe and secure for years to come.

7 Keys to Built-In Florida Friendliness

While we’d love to see you in a MasterCraft home, we want you to know what quality home builders in St. Johns County, Florida should be doing to counter environmental challenges. If they’re not doing what we’re doing, move on. Let us demonstrate our commitment to Florida proofing a luxury home.

#1: Stronger Walls. Better Insulation. Lower Operating Costs.

After the foundation, the key to quality home construction is strong, straight walls. MasterCraft Builder Group has raised the standard by using 2×6 (versus standard 2×4) framing. This allows us to make straighter, stronger walls with R-19 insulation. Having a well insulated home, capable of withstanding large fluctuations in daily temperatures, can also help reduce your monthly living expenses.

#2: Moisture Outside Means Happiness Inside.

Home builders in Florida are well aware of the effects of moisture and humidity, but not all are doing everything possible to combat it. MasterCraft is a pioneer in bringing the Zip Exterior Sheathing System to Florida. Using cementitious sheathing instead of traditional stucco has proven to be a far superior moisture barrier, while giving our homes a truly classic look.

#3: Let the Sun Shine In…and the Heat Stay Out.

We want you to enjoy our Florida sunshine, but your home must also endure the daily, dramatic changes in temperature over our spring and fall months. LowE vinyl windows help slow down the transition of heat and cool. That’s good for you and your pocketbook!

#4: Hold On to Your Roof.

In the face of hurricane-force winds, you should never have second thoughts about the integrity of your roof. We are currently using what we believe is the most effective and innovative product on the market: the Quick Tie System. Developed locally and used in conjunction with Simpson Strong Tie fasteners, Quick Ties are used throughout the house to ensure the strongest bond between the roof, wall and foundation.

#5: In Defense of Sunshine.

The Florida sun can really take its toll on your Florida roof. By having a high-quality shingle, your home will withstand the intense Florida heat and damaging UV rays. Even more comforting, MasterCraft offers a 50-year limited warranty on our architectural shingles.

#6: Stop Those Little Buggers Where They Live.

With Florida humidity comes the persistence and destructiveness of termites. Once a home is 100% complete and the landscape has been installed, our technicians dig a trench around the entire perimeter of your home, fill it with boracare and install monitoring stations around the property. With termite protection provided by a stable and reputable company, all of our homes come with a one-year transferable, $1,000,000 termite bond.

#7: Wi-Fi Humidity Control for Better Living.

Depending on the MasterCraft community you choose, a programmable, Wi-Fi enabled thermostat with humidity control allows more efficient operation of HVAC units. In summer, a lower humidity level makes your home feel cooler. In winter, having a slightly higher level of humidity makes your home feel warmer.

Get Comfortable with a MasterCraft Home.

MasterCraft Builder Group is one of the few semi-custom home builders in Florida that accommodates various home plans, budgets, and lifestyles. When you’re ready to see what a safe and Florida-friendly new construction home for sale is all about, contact or call us at 904-579-1068.